Digital Release

1. Sound-Hydra: Part 1 (21:53)
2. Sound-Hydra: Part 2 (44:01)
3. Sound-Hydra: Part 3 (41:13)
4. Sound-Hydra: Part 4 (23:06)

A prismatic assembly with as many faces as the mythological beast which gives the piece its title, Sound-Hydra represents an endlessly regenerative encounter. An extended plunderphonic odyssey from a moment at which Kayn was acutely in touch with the music beginning to sprout up around his prior discoveries and innovations.

Realisation: Reiger Recording Studio, Nieuwe Pekela, 2001.

Released October 2, 2020

Cover artwork – Bill Maerklin
Mastering – Jim O'Rourke
Producer – Ilse Kayn

This is Reiger-records-reeks' fifth digital release, and is available via Bandcamp.

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