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1975: Kayn meets with director Wolfram Mehring (Théatre de la Mandragore, Paris) and discusses plans for scenic adaptations of Kayn’s electronic music.

1978: The ensemble Theateraction at the Théatre de la Mandragore performs the scenic adaptation of Makro I as Cosmic Circus under the direction of Jo Roehrig at the HOT-Theater in The Hague, along with 25 performances at the Theater aan de haven.

1980: Im Rahmen der Veranstaltungen zur Ausstellung “Für Augen und Ohren” der Berliner Akademie der Künste bringt das Ensemble “Theateraction” MAKRO/COSMIC CIRCUS zur deutschen – und beim Festival in Orleans zur französischen Erstaufführung.

1981: The Studio Teatr in the Palace of Culture in Warsaw gives five performances of Cosmic Circus at the Warsaw Autumn Festival.


Kayn participates in a television documentary produced by the NDR Hamburg in Rome about the Gruppo Nuova Consonanza.


Kayn is commissioned by Radio Hilversum to design a four-part radiophonic project for their Komponist + Radio series (Versuch eines Musik-Atlas).