Requiem pour Patrice Lumumba

Digital Release

1. Requiem pour Patrice Lumumba (50:00)

The first track of the 4 track album MULTIPLEX SOUND-ART - CD 004, "Requiem pour Patrice Lumumba."

Patrice Émery Lumumba was the first Prime Minister of the independent Democratic Republic of the Congo (then Republic of the Congo), but was murdered by his opponents, with the complicity of the Belgian government, the United States and the UN.

Kayn first heard of these events from his friend, conductor Andrzej Markowski. He had never before written a requiem, and elected to make Lumumba his subject.

'Requiem pour Patrice Lumumba' was previously released on the ‘Multiplex Sound-Art’ CD in 2004 (Reiger-records-reeks, KY-CD 004-1/2). The recording has now been remastered and rereleased upon the occasion of Bandcamp’s Juneteenth stand for racial justice and equality.

Released June 19, 2020

Cover artwork – “Afrikanischer Traum” (“African Dream”) by Bill Maerklin
Mastering – Jim O'Rourke
Producer – Ilse Kayn

This is Reiger-records-reeks' second digital release, and is available via Bandcamp.

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