The Private Sea of Dreams (Il Gruppo)

RCA Victor
Cat. No. LSP-3846


A1. Lip Service (Cantata) (3:31)
A2. RKBA-1675, Take One (5:12)
A3. Perfect Union (Trio per violoncello, tromba e lastra di cristallo) (5:47)
A4. Side One, Band Four (Quartetto) (7:35)
B1. Springs Quartet (String Quartet) (4:13)
B2. Sunrise (Improvvisazione Per Otto) (7:36)
B3. Conversations (Trio di fiati) (3:13)
B4. Waves (Improvvisazione per cinque) (7:06)

Recorded in RCA Italiana Studios, Rome, Italy
Subtitled ‘Improvisational mood music for modern dream extensions’

First released in Italy as MLDS 20243 in 1966

This 1967 edition was released simultaneously in the US and Canada with the same cover, and in both mono and stereo.
For the North American edition, the cover was completely redone. The name of the group and titles were changed to match the psychedelic cover image. The back shows new song titles for each piece, but here the original Italian titles are still readable next to them in a small font as are the credits for the performers.
-Information from Discogs